Jenna Gustafson

Executive Assistant

Jenna has over a decade worth of experience working within the property industry.  Over the past 3 years, she has focused on asset management services, particularly with Brisbane based agencies and RWC Queensland. Her strength lies in delivering essential administrative support, ensuring the seamless management of property portfolios.

Jenna's journey includes a stint in commercial real estate, where she served as an Executive Assistant for 5 sales agents. In this role, she played a pivotal part in orchestrating marketing campaigns, overseeing the process from start to completion. Her expertise also extends to property valuations. Jenna's responsibilities encompassed setting up jobs, coordinating schedules, and handling general EA duties for the team.

Beyond paperwork, Jenna adds a human touch with exceptional customer service skills. Her interactions with tenants, property owners, and contractors reflect not just professionalism but also a genuine commitment to fostering positive relationships.

Jenna goes beyond her administrative duties to actively contribute to its growth and success, seamlessly blending administrative expertise with a profound passion for the evolving landscape of property management.