4 Reasons to Sell at the Summer Auction Day

By Commercial General
  1. Take Advantage of the Strong Selling Conditions
    10 of our most recent on market campaigns averaged 143.6 buyer enquiries, 8.3 registered bidders/offers, with yields as tight as 3.81% and some prices 20% above owners price expectations. These results continue to defy media headlines and market speculation. All of our Ray White data and insights shows that days on market are reduced when our customers choose the auction method of sale, combined with an investment into a marketing campaign. This method ensures we maximise buyer competition, and by doing so, we create urgency amongst buyers. Nothing gives buyers more confidence than seeing other bidders in action, which is why for the past 120 years we’ve lived and breathed the auction process and believe that we’re the Competition Creators® when it comes to achieving the best possible result for our customers.
  2. Greater Exposure to Buyers Through Collective Marketing

    Ray White Commercial QLD’s Summer Auction Day will see a diverse collection of buying opportunities fall under the hammer.The event, along with a competitively priced, value-add marketing package, will create greater visibility for the sale of your asset.

    Not only is there up to 40% in marketing savings thanks to our advertising suppliers, your property will benefit from exposure to tens of thousands of additional buyers through our Summer Auction Day event promotion at no cost to you.

  3. End of Year Urgency

    There is nothing quite like a deadline to create urgency amongst buyers and spur them into action. Auctions do this at the best of times but couple this with the natural end of year urgency and there is a recipe for maximum buyer competition.
  4. Why Wait?

Divesting might not be part of your strategy right now but if it is on the horizon, we can’t see any reason in the market why you would wait.

Despite numerous macroeconomic factors which would justify a ‘tightening of the belt’, it’s not just property that people are spending money on. Statistics released this week from the ABS showed overall consumer spending in August was up 19.2 per cent compared to 2021. Household goods spending was up a staggering 32 per cent compared to 2019! It defies logic, media headlines, and ‘expert’ forecasts but it reaffirms what we continue to see in the QLD commercial property market.

What we know right now is that the market is still incredibly strong if you’re ready to capitalise on it.

Contact your preferred Ray White Commercial QLD agent to find out how you can be involved or learn more about our Summer Auction Day here

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