John Dwyer Celebrates 10 Years at Ray White Commercial QLD

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John pictured with Ray White Group Managing Director Dan White

Earlier this year John Dwyer marked 10 years at Ray White Commercial QLD. John, or JD as he is affectionately known to the team, has over 40 years of experience in commercial real estate. From sales and leasing to management and valuation, John’s expertise continues to be an invaluable resource for the team at RWCQ. To commemorate this significant milestone we wanted to hear from the man himself. Congratulations, JD!

How did you get your start in commercial real estate?
I started at Ray White residential management division which was based in the head office at 260 Queen Street. Brian White was the newly appointed Managing Director having taken over the role from his father, Alan. My job then morphed into being responsible for all the Ray White advertising, followed by assisting the directors in an analyst type role in the commercial division.

Since you began working in the industry what has changed the most and what has changed the least?
The amount of personal and property information that is instantly available is a standout. Doing a deal, small or large is still as satisfying as the first deal I ever did which, incidentally, was a Mortgagee Auction of a commercial unit in Toowong, the Auctioneer on that day was Brian White!

Over the years you’ve been involved in many exciting deals – could you tell us about one of your most memorable or unique transactions?
Selling the Sheraton Mirage on the Gold Coast on behalf of a long-term Receiver Client was very challenging and even more satisfying, when the deal was consummated, following an unsuccessful appeal by the Mortgagee in the Supreme Court.

If you could give one piece of advice to your younger self, what would it be?
Focus on vendor paid marketing campaigns and be vigilant with your follow up and communications with enquirers and more importantly, the Client who entrusted you to market their property.

Would you offer that same advice or something different to those wanting to forge a career in commercial real estate in 2022?
I would offer the same advice in 2022. Successful marketing campaigns are the foundation to build a track record which is vitally important when pitching for new appointments

There’s no doubt that you’ve seen the landscape of the Brisbane CBD evolve and change over the years, but are there any properties that you have sold more than once?
In the earlier part of my selling career, I specialized in the marketing of Brisbane CBD properties. I recently sold an Elizabeth Street building on behalf on Estate which is the fourth time I have sold the property.

Are there any marketing techniques and strategies have you stood by throughout the entirety of your career? If yes,what are they and why do they continue to serve you well?
My takeaway is to treat every property differently when asked to prepare a marketing submission for an owner. I give a lot of thought as to who will be the likely buyer and how will I target this specific audience.

The entire team knows you to be a family man through and through and we couldn’t be happier for you and your family for just having welcomed Mimi, your first grandchild, to the family. On the topic of family, how important has creating a balance between personal and work life been for you throughout your career?
It is vitally important and should I mention, very difficult to achieve this without a supportive Partner. Be there for your children when they are young and this is achieved by managing and prioritising your time. Unfortunately, you cannot turn back the clock when your children leave school.

The newest edition to the Dwyer family and JD’s first grandchild, Mimi

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